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Again, Energy 88.7 was a huge influence for my music library. Especially, New Wave/Synthpop, Eurodance and other Hi-Energy dance hits.

Over the last few months, I’ve been uploading my collection of radio mix recordings from their Friday Night Dance Party (later called Club Jam). Many of the broadcasts are JD’s, but also have those from Brian Clarke and Guest DJs. As these mixes are rare, I figured I’d share them for others to enjoy as well.

As I mentioned before, I used to tune in every Friday evening. You’ll hear just how entertaining they all were; definitely a good group. They welcomed requests and calls, sometimes getting you on the air. (Thanks, guys. Other stations don’t do that.)

With more finds, the mixes will be added to this playlist. You can also check my YouTube channel for updates, where you can also subscribe for notifications.

New Wave/Synthpop Playlist

1 JamminDownJD’s Awesome D’Awesome Premiere Mix
2 Tag Team Mix (DJ Riff-Raff, Vicious Verge, DJ Mouse and JamminDownJD)
3 JamminDownJD’s Mix II
4 Brian Clarke
5 JamminDownJD’s Mix III
6 Manila Ice – New Wave/Synthpop Mix
7 Brian Clarke – Bliss Vol.2


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