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Halo-Halo Vol.2 | New Wave MusicIt turns out I have visitors returning for my first mix. Many thanks to those who have and gave it a listen. So it was a pleasure to create its follow-up, another mix of the New Wave/Synthpop genre – again, from the late 80s and early 90s.

It really is another creative outlet I enjoy and definitely worthwhile once the piece finalizes. As an artist of sorts, there’s a sense of satisfaction when finished with a particular work or project. Mixes are no exception.

I didn’t realize how much effort it takes (at this point anyway) to create something that sounds like it’s supposed to go together. Over 3 months, I mixed many different tracks until something finally emerged. It’s kinda funny how the middle was supposed to be the beginning. But I couldn’t resolve the rest of it, so I worked backwards to finish.

This time, I’ve made it available for download from the beginning. A good number of remixes remain unused from my library, so I probably have enough for another volume (or two) of New Wave… until then, enjoy!


0:00 Unexpected Intro Lime
1:26 True Faith New Order
3:27 Heaven Knows When in Rome

5:20 Soviet Snow Shona Laing
7:04 The Promise When in Rome
9:50 Heaven (I Want You) Camouflage
11:46 Liberty! Kon Kan
14:34 Pandora’s Box OMD
18:43 The Different Story Peter Schilling
22:59 If I Ever Red Flag
24:55 Lullaby Book of Love
28:38 Selfish The Other Two
30:42 Swiss Boy Lou Sern
32:37 Dreaming OMD
35:17 Will You Be There Celebrate the Nun
36:59 Una Mujer Cetu Javu

Halo-Halo Vol.2 is dedicated to Tin and the other one, who have been motivation and inspiration, respectively. I’ve reflected them in the cover artwork.

September 3, 2010


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