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Halo-Halo Vol.7 | New Wave MusicHalo-Halo Vol.7 | New Wave Music

Here it is. Volume 7 was almost a year in production. I’ve been wanting to do a “best of the best” mix since my high school days, so you can call it a bucket list project. As this is my Euromix 5, or Anniversary Mix, I went further and doubled the standards set by its older siblings. HH7 is 32 tracks/80-minutes long for its official release. With requests, I’ve also made its full version available. Dubbing the extended “Trenta,” as in the mother of all Starbucks cups, and fitting for a megamix lasting a whopping two hours!

Initially, this mix began with only 10 songs and couldn’t find the right transitions after. The preliminary segment didn’t continue the mix’s flow, and had to retrace and rework the playlist countless times before things revealed itself. Things like, What track works best here? What about {{ song }}? crossed my mind constantly. Staying true to parameters and natural transitions helped progress, while exceptions were situational. To keep this up for the previous volumes of 16 tracks was no easy task, making Volume 7 all the more daunting. Rather than fit everything, it’s reason for another Anniversary Mix. I’ve experimented with more drops, using Mac voices and Adobe Audition, managing to make something with guidance from the interwebs. And now, it’s completed for all you Synthpop fans to enjoy.


0:00 Fine Time New Order
2:23 Bizarre Love Triangle New Order
5:45 Have in Mind Cetu Javu
7:53 I Beg Your Pardon Kon Kan
11:38 Living in Oblivion Anything Box
14:57 Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls Book of Love
17:15 The Promise When in Rome
19:14 Talk to Me Yen
21:25 Pandora’s Box OMD
23:58 Always on My Mind Pet Shop Boys
25:38 Will You Be There Celebrate the Nun
27:43 Who are You Gonna Run to? Warren Rigg
31:18 Brides of Frankenstein OMD
32:50 How Long Information Society
35:12 Chains of Love Erasure
37:10 Heaven Knows When in Rome
39:17 Jubilation Anything Box
41:19 Move to Move Kon Kan
44:47 Never Ending Story Obsession
48:02 True Faith New Order
50:11 Love to Hate You Erasure
53:19 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye Dead or Alive
55:53 Fashion No Name
58:42 Don’t Let My Love T42
1:00:18 Reality Warren Rigg
1:02:13 Subculture New Order
1:05:02 A World Without You Bad Boys Blue
1:06:53 Lullaby Book of Love
1:10:35 Oh L’Amour Erasure
1:13:11 Without You The Midnight Shift
1:16:15 Round and Round New Order
1:18:16 Dreaming OMD
1:21:09 When I Needed You* (Melancholic Mix) Erasure

What’s Next, etc.

There will be two more for the series, at least. No timetable, but the next mix could be sooner than expected. Please feel free to suggest or point out what I haven’t used. I still have a list of tracks waiting in the wings. Add me on Facebook and/or Twitter for the latest updates and other music things. And if you like this mix, PLEASE do me a favor and SHARE IT!

About the Artwork

The cover should bring back memories for many of you. My Walkman was pretty awesome.


This one goes out to my New Waver friends from way back. In particular, Class of 1996. Happy 20th. Flashback to Senior Year V-Show included.

Until next time, enjoy!

August 26, 2016


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