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How to Get 20,000+ YouTube Views Organically | Synthpop

At the time of writing this post, Halo-Halo Vol.1 has a total count of 21,724 views and figured now’s a good time to share what I’ve learned (Thanks, listeners!). My first mix was posted to YouTube at the end of January 2014, so these views were accumulated over almost 3.75 years. This is not one […]

Living in Oblivion (WYS Living Mix Edit) | Synthpop

Now I’m the one overplaying this track. But I think this should be one of the last mentions if not the very last. Again, of all New Wave, Living in Oblivion is probably my favorite. And again, it was because of Energy 88.7 that got me hooked. Back then, it took me a long time […]

JamminDownJD’s Awesome D’Awesome Premiere Mix on Energy 88.7 | Synthpop

I listened to the Friday Night Dance Party religiously back in the 90s, and it was a huge influence on my music tastes as they are now. There were no other stations playing New Wave/Synthpop, Hi-Energy/Electronic, Eurodance, Techno and similar dance genres consistently on FM radio. Because their frequency was so far left, I felt […]

Halo-Halo Vol.7 (New Wave) | Synthpop

Here it is. Volume 7 was almost a year in production. I’ve been wanting to do a “best of the best” mix since my high school days, so you can call it a bucket list project. As this is my Euromix 5, or Anniversary Mix, I went further and doubled the standards set by its […]

Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 | Synthpop

I haven’t posted one of these features in awhile, but this short film is definitely worth the attention. Rhythm Nation 1814 was a great album and a favorite of mine back in the 80’s/90’s. With all the nostalgia coming back from the media, this album gets some playtime again. Rhythm Nation, the music video, was […]

Phil Free Art: Bad of the Edit Part 1 | Synthpop

Paying respects to an old coworker friend of mine, Phil Pelipada, who would’ve celebrated a birthday today. Probably one of the most talented creatives I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, he helped me get up to speed with current web design practices via Dreamweaver/WYSIWYG back then. As an artist, it always amazed me […]

Jungle Love vs. Uptown Funk Mashup | Synthpop

I had never done a mashup, and wasn’t interested in doing one until now. Yeah, we hear Uptown Funk all the time no thanks to radio stations. But I think the hit topped the charts for good reason. You could hear its catchy old school feel, and a coworker of mine had pointed out its […]

Halo-Halo Vol.6 (New Wave) | Synthpop

HaloHalo = HaloHalo + 1; // As I understand now Originally thinking I’d do an anniversary mix this round, but no. So that means, the no-repeats, 16-track, 40-minute rule applies. Overall, with one exception, I’ve used 95 tracks in sticking with the genre (or trying to, anyhow). Crazy. This volume, more than its siblings, highlights […]

Never Ending Story – Obsession | Synthpop

I don’t think I ever saw the movie, and probably should check it out sometime, but know the theme song was pretty catchy. I forget where I first heard this remix, but really dug what I was hearing. Making it more dance-playable, it’s one of those songs that can turn up the energy a bit […]

Return to Innocence – Enigma | Synthpop

Not Synthpop, but one of the separated singles featured on the aforementioned Euromix series; Volume 6 in 1995. I remember someone mentioning how the mixes meant a lot to her, as this was the music we not only grew up on, but the memories involved as well. For me, Euromix 6 was during my Senior […]