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Halo-Halo Vol.8 (New Wave Music 80s) | New Wave Music 80s

When I started the Halo-Halo series, I set out to not repeat tracks in any of my mixes. The original mix established the use of 16 tracks and 40 minutes of playing time. I figured this would eventually make subsequent sets much more difficult, and that couldn’t be more true for Halo-Halo Vol.8. In making […]

The Bobby Brown Story Soundtrack | New Wave Music 80s

Related Post Kind of like a follow up to The New Edition Story, BET released The Bobby Brown Story in September of 2018. Lots of focus on his relationship with Whitney, but also saw the different sides to his life according to Bobby Brown himself. I was never familiar with the Quiet Storm mix of […]

Merienda 1 | New Wave Music 80s

Ideas started to unwind while thinking about what I would put on my version of Euphoria. A setlist of curated tracks, the modern “mixtape,” is something I’ve done countless times for others long ago. Mixtapes were never just whipped together quickly, but thought through; always giving consideration to feel, tempo and the mixtape’s “transitions,” etc. […]

Vince Magsino on Energy 88.7 | New Wave Music 80s

I mentioned before about influences, but always considered three individuals that had the most. There’s VMC, JD is another, and the third is a family friend of ours, Vince Magsino. He and his brothers all know how to mix, and that was always cool with me (Shout out to all of you). They always did […]

Euphoria 1 – VMC Recordings | New Wave Music 80s

Euphoria was a VMC compilation cassette with Synthpop’s version of “Slow Jams” and related tracks. Last I checked YouTube, a track (or two) wasn’t previously available. But now it is. As stated on the artwork itself: Euphoria is yet another brainchild from the creators of the Euromix. The Euphoria series is the manifestation of VMC […]

Radio Mixes from Energy 88.7 | New Wave Music 80s

Again, Energy 88.7 was a huge influence for my music library. Especially, New Wave/Synthpop, Eurodance and other Hi-Energy dance hits or dance songs from 90s. Over the last few months, I’ve been uploading my collection of radio mix recordings from their Friday Night Dance Party (later called Club Jam). Many of the broadcasts are JD’s, but […]

Where to Upload Audio Online for New DJs | New Wave Music 80s

Put yourself in the picture above. Do you think it’s wise to sell your product in one store, if you wanted as many customers to have it? The same applies for distributing your music. It’s smarter to think about different locations to upload audio. After being a business student and helping a growing business, I […]

How to Brand Yourself as a New DJ | New Wave Music 80s

The important thing about how to brand yourself (in context to the music) is identifying your style, what makes you different and memorable. If I step outside my perspective, I’m aware of being one of very few that has mixed the Synthpop/New Wave genre in more recent years. It was a prominent genre in the […]

How to Build a YouTube Audience as a New DJ | New Wave Music 80s

At the time of writing this post, Halo-Halo Vol.1 has a total count of 21,724 views (it’s now about 37,000 as of January 2019) and figured now’s a good time to share how to build a YouTube audience as a new DJ. My first mix was posted to YouTube at the end of January 2014, so these […]

Living in Oblivion (WYS Living Mix Edit) | New Wave Music 80s

Now I’m the one overplaying this track. But I think this should be one of the last mentions if not the very last. Again, of all New Wave, Living in Oblivion is probably my favorite. And again, it was because of Energy 88.7 that got me hooked. Back then, it took me a long time […]