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I don’t think I ever saw the movie, and probably should check it out sometime, but know the theme song was pretty catchy. I forget where I first heard this remix, but really dug what I was hearing. Making it more dance-playable, it’s one of those songs that can turn up the energy a bit higher. So that’s what I did with Halo-Halo Vol.4, transitioning from OMD’s Call My Name.

An interesting tidbit from Almighty Records:

“Almighty’s very first 12″ produced by Ian Gant and mixed by Marc Angelo way back in 1989… The story that spawned the film ‘Never Ending Story’ was originally written in 1979… The theme from the subsequent film was a huge hit for LIMAHL…former lead singer with Kajagoogoo. In response to repeated requests for an extended danceable mix of the original, Almighty recorded their own version with former Hot Gossip dancer Amanda Abs featuring on vocals as Obsession… This single launched Almighty Records in 1990 but many of these versions have never been available before.”

They’re referring to the digital versions, available now on both iTunes and Spotify. Kinda mad how easy it is to find now. Because before the digital era, Never Ending Story was a tough find for me. So, it was always pretty awesome to hear it included on ANY mix. I had to rely on friends of DJs or audiophiles that could dub this on cassette for me.

For reference, the original Limahl version is included below:


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