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Another retro-post for a playlist I created, an Erasure hits compilation.

My brother-in-law asked me to create a “Best of Erasure” CD many years ago (Shout out, Eastman). In doing so, I thought of duplicating the Pop! The First 20 Hits album but never considered that a good compilation effort. As I was in art school then, I combined this request with a design assignment for CD cover artwork.

One of the bigger differences was a brilliant mix of Cold Summer’s Day from a remixer by the name of Marky. It was a hybrid of the original from the documentary movie Wigstock, and the Tin Tin Out remix of Fingers and Thumbs. I can’t seem to find his version anywhere on the net, but it was available during those times and is part of my collection.

Eraserhead was chosen as its name, a nod to the movie from which they named themselves, and echoed a motif in the cover design. I’ll have to dig up the artwork sometime of these Erasure hits.

I’ve added this playlist to my Spotify account.

Erasure Hits Playlist

1 Weight of the World
2 She Won’t Be Home
3 A Little Respect
4 Oh L’Amour
5 Chains of Love
6 I Love Saturday
7 Rain
8 Here in My Heart
9 La La La
10 Always (Microbots Trance Mix)
11 Blue Savannah (Mark Saunders Remix)
12 Love to Hate You (Hot Tracks Mix)
13 Cold Summer’s Day (Tin Tin Marky Mix)
14 In My Arms
15 When I Needed You (Melancholic Mix)
16 Stay With Me
17 Heart of Glass (Live in Oxford)


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