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Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 film is definitely worth the attention. Released in 1989, Rhythm Nation 1814 was a great album and a favorite of mine back then. With all the nostalgia coming back from the media, this album gets some playtime again. Rhythm Nation, the music video, was also a favorite music video. The […]

I don’t think I ever saw the movie, and probably should check it out sometime, but know the theme song was pretty catchy. I forget where I first heard this remix, but really dug what I was hearing. Making it more dance-playable, it’s one of those songs that can turn up the energy a bit […]

Not Synthpop, but one of the separated singles featured on the aforementioned Euromix series; Volume 6 in 1995. I remember someone mentioning how the mixes meant a lot to her, as this was the music we not only grew up on, but the memories involved as well. For me, Euromix 6 was during my Senior […]

I’m not sure how many times I’ve heard others say The Promise is one of their favorite songs. It’s a good track to me, but prefer others. It’s one of those medium tempo tracks that didn’t exactly connect with me. But for those others, I’m guessing it has more to deal with its lyrics, as […]

This week, I have to go with Erasure again. Some fans may have never heard this song, because it’s a B-Side. “La La La” really shouldn’t be a B-Side; it could’ve (and should’ve) landed itself on their album of the time, Chorus, to get the exposure it rightfully deserves. (And really, Chorus overall ranks high […]

Long ago, there were a number of Synthpop websites that did Song of the Week features but no longer see them around. I always looked forward to them, so figured I could do one too. Know this won’t be restricted to the genre, though. My first pick is more on the mellow side, Erasure’s Stay […]