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This Freestyle Mix is a mix to treasure. Paying respects to an old coworker friend of mine, Phil Pelipada, who would’ve celebrated a birthday today. Probably one of the most talented creatives I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, he helped me get up to speed with current web design practices via Dreamweaver/WYSIWYG back then. As an artist, it always amazed me how easily he could draw things in Flash (of all software!) in a matter of seconds and erase it so quickly. The latter was painful to watch, but also cool to observe someone so gifted at their craft. I’ve known other talented illustrators that would take much longer to create something at a similar level.

As a person, I saw he made the most of his experiences, and always stayed upbeat. Added to great work culture. Just a tremendous person overall, free spirit, carried himself well, set an example for others quietly, and left the world a better place.

It was easy to connect being a fellow Flip and having similar music tastes; Phil was a deejay at heart and part of the Chicago music scene that I never knew growing up. A traditionalist when it came to mixing, he vowed to stay true to vinyl. Not long ago, I knew he was getting back to his roots and mixing more frequently during his free time.

He left one last mix only days before leaving us a few months ago, something I discovered after the fact. Of the recent work I was aware of, it is one of his finest – mixing Freestyle, a genre with only a smaller subset I enjoy. And if there was a set to use, it is pretty much included in this last masterpiece of a minimix.

He included samples from George Lamond, C-Bank, Lisette Melendez, Company B, Jaya, Sa-Fire, Rochelle, Stevie B and Expose.

Here’s to you, Phil Free Art. May God Bless your soul, and may you Rest in Peace.


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