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This week, I have to go with Erasure again. Some fans may have never heard this song, because it’s a B-Side. “La La La” really shouldn’t be a B-Side; it could’ve (and should’ve) landed itself on their album of the time, Chorus, to get the exposure it rightfully deserves. (And really, Chorus overall ranks high on my list of Erasure albums.) The overall tone of the track was along the lines of Chorus, as you may expect, a little darker feel with minor undertones and consonant resolve or offsets. It’s so good that I thought that maybe there was a remix of this done, but sadly, there is none.

This gem was included on the “Love to Hate You” multi-single, a part of my personal collection as well.

Some other notes: Not sure what it is about the logotype used throughout the Chorus collection, but it got my attention. Probably the print/cursive hybrid thing going on. The video displays the cover artwork for Love to Hate You; the designer in me wonders why this particular track was paired with the image, kinda like placing random stock photography with a logotype on it. There was at least another single from the album done in this postcard-like manner.


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