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At the time of writing this post, Halo-Halo Vol.1 has a total count of 21,724 views and figured now’s a good time to share what I’ve learned (Thanks, listeners!). My first mix was posted to YouTube at the end of January 2014, so these views were accumulated over almost 3.75 years. This is not one of those quick exchanges, but something that is REAL and can be done. I can only imagine its total had it been uploaded back in September 2009, when HH1 was originally created.

As a reminder, the total views are organic. Meaning, I didn’t pay a single cent to promote the video/mix. In full disclosure, a smaller percentage was me listening to the mix for testing or enjoying the mix itself. But that had to be less than 1% of the time, or about 200 views.

The following is an outline for things I did that led to this. I’m linking to a number of posts I wrote/will write on a separate domain I’m developing for my creative, digital and marketing interests, Tinskin.

  1. Brand Establishment for a New DJ
  2. Where to Upload Audio Online for New DJs
  3. Future Post: How to Use Search Engine Optimization on DJ Mixes
  4. Future Post: Social Media Marketing 101 for the Complete Noob


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