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Euphoria was a VMC compilation cassette with tracks of a more mellow tone. Last I checked YouTube, a track (or two) wasn’t previously available. But now it is. As stated on the artwork itself:

Euphoria is yet another brainchild from the creators of the Euromix. The Euphoria series is the manifestation of VMC Recordings’ unyielding effort to provide for the unanswered demand of audiophiles with an alternative ear for music. The series begins with Euphoria 1, Euphoric Intimates. Slow Jams by prevalent Euromix artists as well as many new artists contribute to over 70 minutes of Euphoria’s transcending euphony.

Euphoria 1 Playlist

1 Blue Little Rose Anything Box
2 Three Babies Sinead O’Connor
3 Only You Yaz
4 My Heart…So Blue (Orchestral Arrangement) Erasure
5 Cry No More Celebrate the Nun
6 Again (French Version) Janet Jackson
7 Am I Right? Erasure
8 Living in Oblivion (Live Studio Session) Anything Box
9 With a Little Love Book of Love
10 If I Could (Orchestral Arrangement) Erasure
11 Without You Mariah Carey
12 Somebody (live) Depeche Mode
13 Everything When in Rome
14 (Forever) Live and Die OMD
15 Nervously Pet Shop Boys
16 Lullaby Book of Love

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